Behemoth's art sale

👽 We are having an art sale at Behemoth’s centre this Saturday, August 19th at 11:00–19:00, where queer and feminist artists are selling their work. 🦾 The aim of the sale is to raise money for Behemoth’s centre and support the local community of LGBT+ and feminist artists. 🌻🎨

If you would like to sell your art, too, please let us know using the sign-up link: 🖌 Anything goes, from stickers to pins to drawings, paintings and sculptures. 🧑‍🎨

Come and spend some time with us, say goodbye to our current location and perhaps find something cool to put on your walls, laptop or clothes! 🤩😈

🥰 If you want to donate to us directly, here are our banking details. Your support is greatly appreciated!

MTÜ Peemoti Raamatud