Outdoor sketching 2.08

This week’s outdoor sketching event takes place on August 2nd at 18:00 next to St Alexander’s Orthodox Church on Sõbra street. If you can, take along something to sit on as there aren’t many benches in the area.

🎨 If you need drawing or painting supplies, drop by Behemoth’s centre (Kalevi 15) on the same date between 16:00–18:00. We ask you to bring supplies with you, as the organizers won’t have enough for everyone on the spot.

🐾 In case you can’t attend this event, come to the next on August 9th at 18:00! The location will be decided on during the previous event and we will let you know as soon as we can, so keep an eye out for that.

💜 Our project (and this event!) is funded by the Active Citizens Fund of the EEA Grants, operated in Estonia by the Open Estonia Foundation in consortium with the Network of Estonian Non-profit Organisations.