Pocket guide presentation "My Heath, My Rights"

Mark your calendars for 18 April at 5 PM, as Praxis Think Tank is pleased to invite community members to the presentation of the pocket guide “My Health, My Rights,” created for LGBTQI+ individuals. ✊💊

Designed with the intention of empowering LGBTQI+ people, the guide aims to increase their awareness regarding health care for themselves and their close ones, navigating discrimination within healthcare settings and advocating for their rights when necessary. 🌈

The guide will be introduced and its creation discussed by Eke Allikvere, who is a junior analyst at Praxis and a peer counselor at the Estonian LGBT Association. ✨ In addition to the pocket guide, Eke will also briefly introduce the newly completed trans healthcare guide, which was created as part of the same project. 💘

The creation of the pocket guide was co-funded by the European Union and the Ministry of Social Affairs.