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Peemot’s folks are insanely talented in so many ways, including academic work. 🕵️
We asked our friends and colleagues to introduce their research on queer language, literature, performance, and perception of the urban space. 👨‍🎤📚📝
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Vocabulary relating to the LGBT+ community in Estonian LGBT+ activists’ podcasts


As a result of the bachelor’s thesis “Vocabulary related to the LGBT+ community in the podcasts of Estonian LGBT+ activists”, it was revealed that Estonian LGBT+ activists prefer Estonian terms to English ones when talking about the queer community, the use of inclusive vocabulary and group labels is important to them, and the most popular discussion topics in podcasts are related to transgender and non-binary identities“.


Building families beyond boundaries: queer kinship in The house in the cerulean sea and young adult literature


“The thesis explores the portrayal of queer kinship in the young adult (YA) genre, focusing on the novel “The House in the Cerulean Sea” by TJ Klune, and finds that the novel challenges traditional family structures, normalizes queer visibility, and emphasizes the positive influence of queer adults, underlining the importance of diverse narratives and representation in promoting understanding and acceptance among young readers, especially those who identify as queer”.


Feelings of safety of gender and sexual minorities in the urban spaces of Tartu


“LGBT+ people’s feelings of safety in urban space are formed on the basis of predispositions (“How safe do I think this place is?”) and signs (“What in this space speaks to me about my safety”)”.


Role Creation in Drag: Tallinn Drag Queens


“In my work, I provided an overview of the Estonian drag scene and focused on the personas of local drag queens who have developed distinct character traits but don’t prioritize creating a specific life narrative”.