Gender and Identity: our experience

Our last meeting was on the topic of “Gender and identity”. This time we could eat delicious pizza during our discussion 😋

As expected, since gender and identity are such personal topics, very quickly our discussion veered to talking about our own experiences instead. Many of our bookclub members expressed frustration with how the world perceives us specifically because of our gender. Fortunately, the meeting also helped to think about some moments of gender-euphoria and share the happiness with others.

Other topics that also popped up included sexuality, family-relations and friendships, and how tolerant or intolerant teachers/lecturers have been in our experiences.

Since so much of our meeting this time was about our personal lives, we could not collect as many recommendations as last time. However, the most notable discovery was Estonian politician-turned-author Sven Mikser’s latest book, “Vareda,” which reportedly features positive representation of gay characters. Given the scarcity of Estonian books with queer characters, anticipate an upcoming book review!📚

All in all, we had yet another very pleasant and fun meeting with some incredible members of our community 🥰 We look forward to meeting you next time for our last bookclub meeting of the year!